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Are you one of the many Phoenix residents that have a broken down vehicle rusting away and taking up space? Or a car that’s just run its course and no longer as reliable as it once was? This situation if much more common in the area than you may think. But what most don’t realize is that you don’t have to take the loss and let these cars go to waste, or stress yourself out on how to pay for another auto repair bill. 

Top Cash For Clunkers Phoenix offers the highest value around, for all vehicles. Working or not. Any age car, any condition, one call to us and you’ll receive a price that we’re willing to pay for it, on the spot. As soon as you accept it you can pick a date and time that sounds good to you and we’ll send a member of our friendly tow team to haul it away and hand you the money. With a system that fast and effortless, there’s no reason to spend another day holding on to that old junk car.

Get An Offer Right Now!

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Gather your vehicle information and give our Phoenix office a call to get an offer.

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Once an agreement has been made on the price, we will send a tow truck to your Phoenix area location to pay you and take care of any paperwork.

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After you have been paid we will tow the vehicle away and you don't have to deal with it ever again. 

Phoenix cash for clunkers

Every day we get calls from more and more Arizonians who are absolutely shocked to hear how much cash they can actually get for their worn-out or totaled cars. Cars that they’ve had sitting around serving no purpose for months, even years! You see just because a car has stopped running doesn’t mean it’s now worthless. Even the oldest most beat up cars may still have a few working parts that can be salvaged, saved and sold to someone who was looking for that exact piece. It’s all about knowing what you’re looking for and how to use it, which is where we come in. This system is what allows us to give you top dollar for vehicles that you may see as trash at this point. At Top Cash For Clunkers Phoenix, we specialize in auto recycling but are fully aware that at least 9 out of 10 people don’t have the time, money or training to spend weeks picking apart old broken vehicles in hopes that they can find a part someone wants. We take care of all the complicated stuff and just give you what our experts evaluate your cars worth. No mess, no stress, just cash.  

Phoenix Junk Car Buyers

Have you been in an accident that has damaged your vehicle to the point of no return? We are Phoenix junk car buyers and we pay top dollar for vehicles no matter what condition they are in. If you just can’t keep your old car where it’s been for any longer and need it gone ASAP. We can help. Top Cash For Clunkers Phoenix offers a Rapid Pickup option, meaning if you’re in a tight situation and don’t want to pay for emergency towing and who knows how much vehicle storage fees, one call to us is all it takes. We can have a tow truck send out to your location  anywhere in Phoenix that same day and buy it off you instantly. Extra speed with no extra fee. Don’t waste another minute, give us a call and set up a time that works for you.

Los Angeles Junk Car Buyers

Phoenix Vehicle Recycling

Did you know that Top Cash For Cars® Phoenix is a recycling company? That's right, we waste nothing. If you clunker is still drivable, it may be fixed up and sold at auction. If it's no longer working it may be parted out and recycled. Don't let your old car rot in a landfill, give us a call for a no obligation offer today. If you accept, we will tow it away for free!

Don't Stress About It!

If you’re sitting around worrying away about your worn out car breaking down and not being able to get around, then stress no more. Not only will we hook you up with enough money to guy yourself a working car, we’ll also pick your old car up and deliver the cash directly to your location. You can’t find anything more convenient than that. Whether you car is still getting by, or has been broken down for years, we’ll happily make you an offer for it. Top Cash For Clunkers® in Phoenix, Arizona offers some of the highest prices junk cars. 


Check out what the people of Arizona are saying about us!

I called every junk car buyer in the Phoenix area. The best price I got was from Top Cash For Clunkers®. These guys are the real deal. They took time to help me with my information and gave me an offer over the phone. If you are looking for a place to buy your vehicle in the Phoenix, AZ area, call Top Cash For Clunkers®

-Gene S., Phoenix, AZ

My car was old but I wouldn't consider it "Junk" or a "Clunker" so I wasn't sure if Top Cash For Clunkers was going to be the right choice. I called them anyways and gave them all of my information over the phone. They made me a reasonable offer that I accepted. They paid me and picked up the car for free. Great experience and I would highly recommend doing business with this company. 

- Laura R., Mesa, AZ

A lot of memories in my old car but its been parked out on my front lawn for a couple of months now and I can tell the neighbors are not too happy about it. I called Top Cash For Clunkers® yesterday and got an instant offer. They are coming over to pick up the car now and I couldn't be happier. Glad to have this problem solved and to be getting some cash in the bank as well. 

- Dennis A., Phoenix, Arizona

We are buying cars in Phoenix today!

Turn your vehicle into spendable money instantly and contact us today. All you have to do is provide a little info on your car, truck or SUV and accept our offer and you can have cash in hand within the day. Or if you’d prefer the quote without the call you’re welcome to fill out one of our equally easy forms on our site here and receive a quote via email within minutes. With the government program gone, we are Phoenix’s new cash for clunkers program, contact us today and see why for yourself.