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As if there weren’t already a million reasons to not want to own a car in NYC, every day more than a hundred vehicles either get into an accident, need heft repairs or just give out all together! Leaving the vehicle owners in a bind with no working transportation and all kinds of expenses. While we love our city, free parking and storage are not one of the perks of living in New York City. Thus when your car breaks down and you’re ready to kick it to the curb, the last thing you want to deal with is having to worry about where to keep it and how much it’ll cost. Not to mention hiring a tow truck and paying for junk car removal which is a whole other expense that can put a major dent in your bank account. 

So what should you do? Call Top Cash For Clunkers NYC!

Get An Offer Right Now!

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Gather your vehicle information and give our Dallas, Texas office a call to get an offer.

step 2

Once an agreement has been made on the price, we will send a tow truck to your Dallas area location to pay you and take care of any paperwork.

step 3

After you have been paid we will tow the vehicle away and you don't have to deal with it ever again. 

cash for cars in nyc

One of the biggest reasons we’re NYC’s #1 choice to sell their worn down vehicles to is because of how quick and efficient our sales system is. In 5 minutes or less you can have your vehicle bought and a tow truck scheduled to come get it, leaving you with more time throughout your day to focus on the important things like what to do with all the money you’ll receive! Simply call our phone line or fill out one of our short forms just listing a little information about your car such as the year it was made and condition it’s in. That way we can make you an accurate offer as to what it’s worth.  If our offer is enough for you then we can sort out a time and day that you’d like for a Top Cash For Clunkers tow truck to come by and get it in. Once that’s all squared away you can sit back and relax and watch your money come in!

Top Dollar Paid For Cars in new york city

From Brooklyn to The Bronx and every other borough in the city,  we will come to your location as soon as possible or convenient for you and tow away your no longer wanted car. Since we all know time is money in NYC we’re one of the few that is willing to arrange a vehicle pick up within 24 hours of your initial call! No wasting time and no wasted parking stall fees! The sooner you call and sell us your vehicle, the sooner we can pick it up.

We are the top junk car buyers in the New York City area. Get a price form us and you will see that we not only offer top dollar but we also offer first class customer service. Our buyers are top notch and will help you gather all of the information that will allow us to give you the most money possible for your vehicle. 

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NYC auto recycling

We have a highly qualified team of auto repair and repurposing specialists who are able to reuse every last piece of a car, giving it new life and helping reduce the carbon footprint that the auto industry creates. Each vehicle we purchase will be able to give years of extra use to up to a dozen other vehicles! This lets other people as well as the Earth live a better quality of life. On top of that our “nothing goes to waste” business motto allows us to pay out the best prices on the market for worn down vehicles, which means more money for you, too!

Don't Stress About It!

If you’re sitting around worrying away about your worn out car breaking down and not being able to get around, then stress no more. Not only will we hook you up with enough money to guy yourself a working car, we’ll also pick your old car up and deliver the cash directly to your location. You can’t find anything more convenient than that. Whether you car is still getting by, or has been broken down for years, we’ll happily make you an offer for it. Top Cash For Clunkers® in New York City offers some of the highest prices in the state of New York. 


Check out what the people of NYC are saying about us!

Top Cash For Clunkers® New York City is the best place to call if you are looking to sell a junked vehicle. I had an old beater sitting in my parking spot for months. I called a few companies and they wanted to charge me to tow it away. Top Cash For Clunkers actually paid me and towed it away for free. 

-Jose R. The Bronx, NY

I was looking for a junk car buyer in New York that would make an offer for my non working Toyota. It was a good car but the engine blew and it was parked at my work for a month. Called Top Cash For Clunker NYC and they came through with a nice offer and towed it away for free. 

-Julia, Queens, NY

A lot of memories in my old car but it's been parked in a parking garage for a month. I just didn't have the cash to have it towed. Called the Cash For Clunkers Guys in NYC and they towed it away for free and paid me for the scrap. Good deal. 

- Lalo S., NYC

We are buying cars in new york city today!

Ready to get your car sold? Get in touch with us! We’re always on call and ready to help you get started. If you’re still not sold on getting your car sold, you’re welcome to still reach out and have one of our awesome team members give you any information you’re interested in. Just remember, the sooner you call the sooner you’ll receive cash for your car and get it picked up and gone from your live forever! Call Top Cash For Clunkers New York City now for a no obligation offer to purchase your vehicle.