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We Buy Cars In Dallas

If you’re one of the many people in this city who have a vehicle that’s either not working like it once was or maybe not working at all and just fading away by the day in the hot Dallas sun, the we have a solution for you! Top Cash For Clunkers buys vehicles of all ages and levels of quality from anywhere in or around Dallas even if they don’t start any longer.

All You Have To Do Is Call

One call to us is all it takes to get the ball rolling. When you contact us you won’t have to wait around to hear back with hopes that the quote is worth the wait. Provide nothing more than a little information about your vehicle and we’ll give you an instant quote right that second and handle all the rest! Or if filling out a form is more your speed you’re welcome to do that instead and get a quote just as fast. 

Get An Offer Right Now!

step 1

Gather your vehicle information and give our Dallas, Texas office a call to get an offer.

step 2

Once an agreement has been made on the price, we will send a tow truck to your Dallas area location to pay you and take care of any paperwork.

step 3

After you have been paid we will tow the vehicle away and you don't have to deal with it ever again. 

Dallas cash for clunkers

Remember the government run cash for clunkers program in Dallas? Our program is a loto like the classic government program was but better. You will like how fast our quoting service is and you’ll love our speedy pick up service. The minute you approve of our price for your car, we’ll get to work on picking up your car. Let our representative know exactly when you want us to head that way and we’ll be there! From Mountain Creek to Lake Highlands, we can dispatch one of our Top Cash certified tow trucks out to you within a matter of hours! Or set up an appointment for an exact date that’s most convenient for your schedule. If that’s not awesome enough, all of our towing and pick up is 100% free. And less cost for towing service means more money for you. 

Top Dollar Paid For Cars in Dallas, texas

Unlike most companies who buy vehicles, we don’t take your car and expect you to just trust that we’ll give you the money you deserve eventually. No, when you sell your vehicle to Top Cash For Clunkers Dallas, we deliver the cash straight to you with our pick up driver. The minute we arrive, and the title is signed over is the minute you get a pocket full of cash. That means the quicker you call, the quicker you get paid. 

We are the top junk car buyers in the Dallas area. Get a price form us and you will see that we not only offer top dollar but we also offer first class customer service. Our buyers are top notch and will help you gather all of the information that will allow us to give you the most money possible for your vehicle. 

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Dallas auto recycling

Did you know that Top Cash For Clunkers® Dallas is a recycling company? That's right, we waste nothing. If you clunker is still drivable, it may be fixed up and sold at auction. If it's no longer working it may be parted out and recycled. Don't let your old car rot in a landfill, give us a call for a no obligation offer today. If you accept, we will tow it away for free! If you are conservation minded individual (which most of us are these days) then rest assured, your old vehicle will be recycled in one form or another and wont wind up in a landfill. 

Don't Stress About It!

If you’re sitting around worrying away about your worn out car breaking down and not being able to get around, then stress no more. Not only will we hook you up with enough money to guy yourself a working car, we’ll also pick your old car up and deliver the cash directly to your location. You can’t find anything more convenient than that. Whether you car is still getting by, or has been broken down for years, we’ll happily make you an offer for it. Top Cash For Clunkers® in Dallas, Texas offers some of the highest prices in the Dallas / Fort Worth for junk cars. 


Check out what the people of Dallas are saying about us!

Top Cash For Clunkers® Dallas is the best place to call if you are looking to sell a junked vehicle. I had an old beater sitting on my front lawn for years. I called a few companies and they wanted to charge me to tow it away. Top Cash For Clunkers actually paid me and towed it away for free. 

-Jose R. Dallas, TX

I was looking for a junk car buyer in Dallas that would make an offer for my non working Toyota. It was a good car but the engine blew and it was parked at my work for a month. Called Top Cash For Clunker Dallas and they came through with a nice offer and towed it away for free. 

-Julia, Fort Worth, Texas

A lot of memories in my old car but it's been parked Dealey Plaza for a month. I just didn't have the cash to have it towed. Called the Cash For Clunkers Guys in Dallas and they towed it away for free and paid me for the scrap. Good deal. 

- Lalo S., Dallas

We are buying cars in Dallas today!

Don’t let another day go by that your vehicle is out there fading away from that hot Dallas sun, because every day that your car is sitting out there is one day less that you have a pocket full of money with your name on it in hand. Get the most out of your old “junk car” and become one of the many Dallas car owners that have become a little more wealthy and a lot happier with our help. Contact Top Cash For Clunkers Dallas today.