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From upstate to the city, thousands of people all around New York State have cars that they don’t use anymore. Cars that they’ve written off as just another expense that’s not worth it any more, or nothing more than wasted storage space on their property. With both space and money being such a valuable commodity in this great state that we call home, letting that vehicle deplete in value and serve as an eyesore just doesn’t make sense! If you’re one of those thousands of New Yorkers, then we have a fool proof solution for you. Top Cash For Clunkers New York will buy your junk car for cash and tow it away for free. This is a limited time program so call us now while we are buying cars. 

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step 1

Gather your vehicle information and give us a call to find out how much we can offer.

step 2

Once an agreement has been made on the price, we will send a tow truck to your location to pay you and take care of any paperwork.

step 3

After you have been paid we will tow the vehicle away and you don't have to deal with it ever again. 

About our cash for clunkers program

Free tow away if we make a deal

We understand that Towing in New York does not come cheap. A tow truck to an auto shop or junkyard alone can put you down hundreds of dollars, so sometimes it’s just a more affordable option to let it sit in the yard, garage or even driveway. But what if we told you we’d pick it up for free? That means you don’t have to sweat about the pricey pick up cost, and we’ll do you one better! You can even get a pocket full of cash for it, even if the car is busted beyond belief and hasn’t run in years! We will buy your junk car for cash and tow it away for free. 

New York cash for cars

Most New York cash for cars programs lead you on only to leave you hanging when they discover your car isn’t the right condition for them to make money off, but that’s not how we operate. We see potential in even the most rust covered old clunkers. With the help of our team of auto-restoration and salvage experts, we can make the most out of any vehicle in any state. So even if you can’t see how your car could be worth anything to anyone, we can guarantee that it’s not useless to us and we’ll make sure you wallet shows that!

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Turn Your Junk Car Into Cash

If you’re tired of looking out at that slowly fading vehicle serving no purpose but becoming an eyesore, give us call and get the sale started in a matter of minutes. A Top Cash For Clunkers representative will take down some info about the brand, age and condition of your car and we’ll let you know exactly how much we can give you for it right then and there. If the number we give sounds good to you we can arrange to have one of our certified tow trucks sent out to pick up your car at the soonest convenience to you. Once the car is loaded up and the title is transferred to us you’ll receive payment on the spot and we’ll be on our way. How simple is that?

We are making offers in new york now

Over 4,000 New Yorkers have trusted us to take care of business and give them what they deserve for their vehicles. So what’re you waiting for? You make the call today and we handle everything else from there. Understand why we’ve become New York’s top choice for used & junk car sales. We’ll be looking forward to hearing from you!