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Welcome to Top Cash For Clunkers® Texas. We pay cash for junk cars throughout the state of Texas and either fix them up, sell them or recycle them for parts and scrap metal. If you have a junk car sitting around on your property that you’d like to get rid of, Give us a call and we’ll make you a top dollar offer. If you decide to except our offer we will get you paid and tow your car away for free.

Car owners all across Texas have used our simple, quick, sales system to make the most of their unwanted vehicles. Don’t let a broken down vehicle waste away in your yard, decreasing in value day after day. Turn it in to solid, spendable money that you can actually use. 

How Does It Work?

All you have to do is give us a call and our buyers will gather your information and make you an offer. Give us some information on your vehicle and the condition it’s in so we can make a fair assessment of it’s value and within minutes we’ll make you an offer you won’t be able to resist. If you like what you hear and choose to accept our offer, we’ll schedule a day of your choice to send out one of our certified tow truck drivers to pick up your vehicle and deliver the cash amount that was agreed upon. You switch over the title and the rest is history. How easy does that sound? With our hassle free system, there’s no reason not to call!

Getting an offer is easy

step 1

Gather your vehicle information and give us a call to get an offer.

step 2

Once an agreement has been made on the price, we will send a tow truck to your location to pay you and take care of any paperwork.

step 3

After you have been paid we will tow the vehicle away and you don't have to deal with it ever again. 

Why cash for clunkers Texas?

Cash For Clunkers Program

The Government run Texas cash for clunkers program disappeared years ago and we quickly filled the void. We buy clunkers all around the state of Texas (and the nation for that matter) and re-purpose them. Our goal is to make sure that none of these old cars lined up in a landfill or go to waste. All of the junk cars that we buy get re-purposed either by fixing them up and putting them back on the road, parting them out, or selling them for scrap metal. All cars have some value to someone. 

No More Stress From That Old Junker

Even though your old car may cause you a lot of stress it’s still has value and we want to make an offer to you to purchase your car. Top Cash For Clunkers® Texas pays top dollar for old or junk car. We are making live offers today. Give us a call to find out how much we can pay for your junk car and if we make a deal, we will tow it away for free. We are the top junk car buyers in the state of Texas and pay more than everyone else. 

Fast, Flexible Pick Up

Because we have offices all across Texas, we’re able to make the pick up process as quick as possible. Top Cash For Clunkers has offices all over the state of Texas. From Brownsville to Amarillo and Dallas to Houston, you name The town, we will come pick it up, even in Austin or Sweetwater, you name it!

Don't Wait, The Program Opens And Closes

If you’re thinking about selling your vehicle, It’s important that you call us right now. Our Texas cash for clunkers program opens and closes and you need to get a hold of us before the program closes again. We are live right now and available to make you a top dollar offer on your vehicle. Give us a call with the year, make, model and Vin number if you have it and we will make a top dollar offer on the spot.

Cash For Junk Cars

Prices vary depending on year, make, model, condition of your vehicle and the current price of scrap. Top Cash For Clunkers Texas pays the highest amount possible for your vehicle. Because there are so many factors that go into making an offer on your vehicle it’s very hard for us to say what the final offer will be until you call. Prices we I have paid out in the last six months have ranged anywhere from $100-$15,000

If you are looking for a great place to offload your old vehicle then you have come to the right place. We pay cash for junk cars in Texas and all over the USA. You will be doing the environment a favor by recycling your vehicle instead of letting it rot away in a landfill somewhere and keeping it in your yard or on your property can be hazardous because of the fluids that may leak into the water supply. Top Cash For Clunkers is a great solution if you want to put some cash in your pocket and have your clunker towed away for free. 

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We buy all vehicles

Do you have an old tractor, an RV, a boat, an old truck (even a semi truck or 18 wheeler)? If so, you need to call Top Cash For Clunkers® Texas immediately. We buy all vehicles running or not and we pay top dollar. Our customer service representatives are helpful and can walk you through the entire process of getting rid of your junk vehicles.

Contact Us Now

If you’ve got junk cars littering your Texas property or you just want to sell your car, give our buyers a call right now. Will give you an offer now if you accept, we will tow them away for free. Wouldn’t it be nice to free up that space for something else? Don't wait, call today before the program ends!